Laszlo Meszaros

Laszlo Meszaros

SAP BW and BI Developer

“My name is László Mészáros. I’m a trainer, programmer, SAP consultant, analyst, statistician, economist, and enthusiast for languages and mathematics.

These areas of interest developed during my childhood, from my love of Lego building when I was able to create durable, beautiful, and logical structures. These buildings let me see the beauty of the different fields of life.

I have more than 10 years’ experience in consulting, but teaching also plays a very important role in my life. In the beginning, I tried to convince my private students about the beauty of mathematics, and later at university, I taught statistics to students as a demonstrator. Since 2004, as a professional SAP BW consultant, I have tried to help my clients understand the usage and benefits of this complex, yet highly logical and efficient system. Due to my commitment to education, it is a real pleasure for me when I see the success of my students.

My hobbies are not only in purely logical areas. I like yoga and nature, and in the past, I was a huge fan of poem recitals and acrobatic rock and roll.”

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