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  • SAP: Getting Started

    Alex Gonczy

    Have you ever wondered about to start learning SAP? But you have not even started it yet, because others always say “learning SAP is hard”. Do you spend a lots of time filling up the same selection fields in your regular reports over and over again? Do you perform time-wasting operations like filtering, drill-down, aggregation and sorting in your regular ALV reports every single time?

    This course introduces SAP and helps you to experience it in a simple way, explained on an everyday language.

    If you already use SAP for a while day by day, but you didn’t receive enough help at beginning, you might have a few bad habits that slows down your work. This course fills these gaps by learning the practical usage of SAP GUI.

  • SAP Business Warehouse: The Big Picture

    Laszlo Meszaros

    Every company needs to see it’s current position on the market and managers need to take a decision for a future direction.

    The information lies behind your data in many, sporadic company databases. We are more and more overloaded with data coming from Excel tables, from cloud storages, from company basic ERP systems or from websites. And it is getting very hard to exploit data and turn it to a piece of right and important information.

    Business Warehouse is the tool that solves easily these problems for you because it can automatically collect data from anywhere, can create a quality database and you can access this database easily to create the right analyses for your company.

  • Understanding ABAP Dictionary

    Alex Gonczy

    Build your flexible, consistent and reusable SAP database with me through practical exercises.

    If you want to get familiar with the concept of Domains, Data Elements, Structures, Table Types, Database Tables, Views, Maintenance Dialogs, Two-Level Domain concept, or Foreign Key Relationships, and you want to see them working in a real SAP system, then this course is for you.

    After the course, you can apply this knowledge whether you work on a simple in-house development, or a complex project.

  • Building Native Mobile Apps for SAP Business Warehouse - Part 2

    Laszlo Meszaros

    If you want to get familiar with the concept of OData, SAP BW Query with OData, SAP Netweaver Gateway, SAP Mobile Platform or Xamarin's SAP SDK and you want to see them working in a SAP mobile project, this course is for you.

    In the first part, we already built a ProjectRanker app for iOS Tablet and Android Smartphone. Now, I’ll show you how to change our current solution for using more tools but less code without affecting the user experience.

  • Building Native Apps in SAP BW

    Laszlo Meszaros

    This course is about a journey through all the technological layers, like preparing the database and the service layer in SAP BW and we will be using Xamarin for developing the proxy in a shared code library and the user interface.

    By the end of this course you will be able to integrate Xamarin and SAP BW perfectly together and create your own, helpful tools for mobile devices.

  • Introduction to ABAP for SAP Business Warehouse Developers

    Laszlo Meszaros

    Business Warehouse Developers need to model and develop many complex data flows and queries.

    Learn ABAP to add an indispensable tool into your toolset and to solve complex problems in the most important areas of BW like transformation, DTP, InfoPackage, and query variables.

    Besides learning ABAP syntax, you will also gain insight into a programming style that keeps the performance, maintainability, and readability in focus.

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We believe that knowledge becomes a real power when it is applicable in practice.

For over 10 years, we have been mentors in SAP data warehouse training, development, and consulting, and we are certified and authorized SAP Training Partners.

First, we familiarize ourselves with your professional field and then present practical examples and project types relating to in real-life situations in order to facilitate the successful completion of this task.

The result is practical, easy-to-use, and confident knowledge. We also offer customized in-house training aligned to the profile of your company and your individual needs.

The main goal of our SAP training is for you and your team to understand and use the knowledge, instead of just “teaching” the standard learning material. This intention is our trademark distinguishing us from other consultants in the market.

How is our success measured?

For us, the real appreciation of our work is the countless positive feedback received from our customers: highly rated training sessions, successful projects, and effective and cost-cutting solutions.

These results confirm the success of our method, and as an advantage, we joined to the globally renowned U.S online training portal, Pluralsight, which has over 300,000 subscribers from all over the world and offers high-quality training materials.

Our SAP education video materials can be viewed online, thus helping many developers, IT professionals, and people interested in these topics worldwide. We believe that knowledge becomes a real power when it is applicable in practice.